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Masaki KURIHARA - soprano recorder, melodica,crumhorn, etc
Yoshiyuki KAWAGUCHI - alto recorder, bodhran, saxophone, etc
Takero SEKIZIMA - greatbass recorder, tuba, jew's harp, etc

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Live Infomation(5/10 update)

WED 18 MAY '11 Amsterdam Maarten Luther Kerk
Times : 8pm
Tickets : 10euro +

FRI 20 MAY '11 London UK Cafe Oto
Times : 8pm
Tickets : ’10 advance / ’12 on the door

SAT 21 MAY '11 London UK The Good Ship
Tickets : ’5

SUN 22 MAY '11 Paris Le Comptoir General
Times : 7pm

FRI 27 MAY '11 London UK
The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
Start 5:30pm Free Live

SUN 29 MAY '11 London UK Steamboat Bordello Cancellation


Kuricorder Quartet is a quite brilliant, rather eccentric multi-instrumental group from Japan. Never in the history of music has the humble recorder, (kuri by the way is the Japanese for echestnutf, the corder bit comes from recorder) sounded this fresh and exciting. And never would you have thought the recorder, from the small soprano, to the giant great bass, via alto and tenor, this capable of playing the most innovative of music.

Kuricorder are not just about recorders though. Each member is a virtuoso on at least one other instrument, and together they create a rich, warm, polyphonic tapestry of sounds. Delightfully unclassifiable, encompassing jazz, folk, blues, classical, medieval, funk among others, their choice of material ranges from a variety of styles on original tunes to Imperial March from Star Wars, Michael Jacksonfs Thriller, Queenfs Bohemian Rhapsody to Japanese childrenfs songs.

Originally formed in 1994, Kuricorder Quartet have gradually built an ever expanding fan base in Japan. Theyfve released six albums to date, plus a couple of greatest hits, and 2 live DVDs and CDs. They have become known to a wider public through writing and performing film soundtracks (Near Equal Yayoi Kusama, Quill, Yamagata Scream) TV drama themes, (Pythagora-Switch) TV commercials and collaborating with pop artists such as UA, Chemistry and Morio Agata. Their 2006 album eUkulele Kuricorderf made it into the mainstream pop charts.

Their roots, however, lie in the vibrant Tokyo underground scene and each member brings a wealth of experience and unique talent to the quartet. Saxophonist Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, has played with a multitude of bands including Shibusashirazu, with whom he has toured the world, Cicala Mvta and many others. He plays an array of other instruments such as bodhran, harmonica and ukulele. Guitarist and ukulele player Kenji Kondo composed the music for the 2009 Oscar-winning short animation, eLa Maison en Petit Cubes.f Masaki Kurihara is playing melodica, among others and is a composer for various Anime films and over 500 TV commercials . Sometimes he plays Electric Bass Ex.DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN led by Naruyoshi Kikuchi and other bands.Tuba player Takero Sekizimafs career CV reads like a whofs who of Japanfs most pioneering artists of the last 20 years, as a member of the legendary avant garde jazz /chindon group Compostella, to Komacha Klezmer and participating in numerous projects such as the groundbreaking albums by Okinawan musician Tetsuhiro Daiku.

Unclassifiable maybe, but if Kuricorder Quartet make a particular brand of music, it might be called joyous. Totally unpretentious, laid back, brilliantly played, laced with a sense of humour and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Paul Fisher(founder of Far Side Music)

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